Mercury Retrograde Sign ::
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When Mercury is in retrograde, its influence depends on which of the 12 zodiac signs the planet is in when it goes retrograde. Below is a brief look at what you can expect for each astrological sign. At the tail-end of its retrograde, Mercury switches into Aquarius. This is an objective and intellectual sign, turning our focus back to the outside world. Thoughts are as abstract as Mercury's journey through Pisces, yet issues in our social networks arise that may take some innovation to resolve. The planet Mercury rules both the quick-witted Gemini and the practical Virgo so we know that these two signs will be greatly affected. It is also important in which sign and in which houses of your natal chart the retrograde cycle arises. For example, if it is in a water or air sign, as it.

Mercury retrograde, 2019 details and dates may seem to bring up the worst for your horoscope and zodiac sign. In astrology, Mercury rx is an illusion but it's a time to reflect when this planet. 2020 Mercury Retrograde Dates. Mercury Retrogrades typically happen three or four times a year. Here are the dates and the zodiac signs Mercury backspins in this year: February 16 to March 3 in Pisces, March 4 to March 9 in Aquarius. June 18 to July 12 in Cancer. October 13 to November 3 in Scorpio. Were you born during a Mercury Retrograde? This is the ultimate guide has everything you need to know about the Mercury Retrograde in 2020. Other than monthly news horoscopes and articles, solar eclipse, zodiac signs, Mercury Retrograde motions are one of the most well-known astrology phenomenons. 'This Mercury Retrograde in your sign could go one of two ways: it could be a total nightmare, or the best thing that's happen to you in a while, depending on how you handle the energy,' she said. Mercury retrograde periods can be times of heightened inner awareness, when meditation, benefiting from keeping a journal, reworking old plans, and reviewing past work are favored. Mercury retrograde is powerful for studies, particularly for returning to old studies or for re-learning or refreshing knowledge in a subject already taken.

Mercury Retrograde Sign

If Mercury retrogrades in an earth sign, be very practical about finding a solution, and strictly adhere to limits of time or budget. Money often plays a big part of both the problem and the answer when Mercury is retrograde. You would probably do best by not suggesting a blue-sky idea, which would have worked with Mercury in a fire sign. You may relate to a different element from what your Sun Sign / Zodiac Sign element is. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. People seem to live in fear of Mercury going retrograde, which is understandable, but silly since it happens three times every year. Mercury only stays retrograde for three weeks at a pop. Mercury’s wanderings trace a triangular pattern in the sky, involving three signs which belong to the same element. For 2020, as in 2019, the element of Mercury’s “backward trickster medicine dance” is water—and thus involves the signs Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. How does Mercury retrograde behave in water signs?

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