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Once established, Daphne plants require only occasional attention. Pruning Daphne is best kept to a minimum, removing only occasional damaged stems and lightly trimming those that spoil the shape of the plant in summer after flowering. Caution: All parts of Daphne are toxic if eaten and contact with the sap may irritate the skin and eyes. Daphne ‘Rebecca’ Daphne x odora ‘Hewreb’ Plant Notes / Description. USDA Zone 7 5°F or -17°C Striking broad variegated foliage; Fantastic fragrant blooms in early spring; Year round marketing opportunities; Tight, rounded, compact habit, 4′ x 4′ Uses: Containers, Borders, Mass landscape plantings. Patent Status: USPP 18,368. PK Sheet. Patent Status: PP18,368: BACK TO VARIETIES. Evergreen shrub bearing leathery, olive-green glossy leaves with a broad creamy-yellow edge. Pink buds open to creamy-white, sweetly scented, flowers in clusters. December to March. Grow in sun or part shade and well-drained, fertile soil with shelter fro. A showy daphne, Rebecca has only recently become available, but it will make a fine addition to the woodland or cottage garden. Garden care: Keep pruning to a minimum since the plant is susceptible to die-back. Where necessary after flowering, lightly trim to.

Soil - Well drained humus rich Position - Sun or part shade Cutting - Not suitable for cutting Flowering - Dec to March except Eternal /Pink Fragrance and Summer Ice flowers April - October Additional Information - Resents being transplanted.Daphnes are also intolerant to pruning. Pruning of any kind should only be required when there is diseased or wayward growth. Enjoys a sheltered sunny position, but best out of very hot sun. Give it a humus rich soil and avoid very alkaline conditions. Requires a sheltered summy position in a well drained humus rich soil in a sheltered from cold winds. Please. Other common names Japan daphne winter daphne. Synonyms Daphne japonica. Family Thymelaeaceae. Genus Daphne can be deciduous or evergreen shrubs with small, usually very fragrant tubular, 4-lobed flowers, often followed by colourful berries. Details D. odora is a compact evergreen shrub with leathery, dark green leaves and terminal umbels of very fragrant, deep pink and white.

Get the position and available space for this shrub correct when you plant it and leave it there. All are hardy down to -5°C, many down to -10°C, see the section on varieties below for more specific information. Daphne bholua is probably the least cold tolerant with -5°C being tolerated only for short periods of time. Daphne laureola and D. mezereum will tolerate heavier more claylike soils than other varieties but, again, plenty of organic matter in the soil is the key. Since daphne roots need to be kept moist it is a good idea to mulch around the plants to ensure more moisture is retained in the soil in dry conditions. 12.01.2002 · If the site has winter sun, so much the better and it should be an area you pass by regularly at this time of year. Daphne odora is not just a plant for big gardens. I have seen Daphne odora.

They may not be the most robust garden plants, and they may make you work to meet their demands, but your senses will convince you they are worth it. Here are. Daphne Odora. The winter flowering daphne is Daphne odora, a fragrant low growing plant and the most popular of all Daphnes. Both pink and white flowering varieties are available, and this is regarded as the best winter flowering shrub of all. They grow well in the garden and can also be grown in pots. If you find your Daphne not blooming, you’ll want to read some tips on how to get blooms on Daphne plants. Daphne Plant Blooms. The genus Daphne was named for the nymph who, in a Roman myth, refused the god Apollo’s love and was turned into a shrub. The genus numbers some 100 species, including both evergreen and deciduous varieties.

Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again. It seemed to me I stood by the iron gate leading to the drive, and for a while I could not enter, for the way was barred to me. There. Getting this step in daphne plant care right is the first step in how to get winter daphnes to bloom. Deep cuts from pruning are another detriment to the healthy growth of daphne plants. Prune daphne lightly and only as needed. Care for winter daphne will include removing long branches at a node, without cutting into the main stem of the plant.

A garden picture of Daphne odora Daphne Rebecca., OH has wanted one for ages, so bought with gift tokens, not the easiest plants to grow, have lost a couple already, by moving at the wrong time.fingers crossed for this one. Daphne are large shrubs renowned for their stunning and highly fragrant blooms which flourish in both winter and spring, dependent on variety. Due to their strong scent, they are best planted alongside paths and doorways or positioned at the front of a border. Some varieties will also produce exquisite variegated or lush green foliage and berries. Daphne odora winter daphne is a species of flowering plant in the family Thymelaeaceae, native to China, later spread to Japan and Korea. It is an evergreen shrub, grown for its very fragrant, fleshy, pale-pink, tubular flowers, each with 4 spreading lobes, and for its glossy foliage. It rarely fruits, producing red berries after flowering. If you decide to grow a Daphne shrub, there are two things you need to know. First, these are poisonous plants. Both the berries and leaves are toxic and should not be eaten. They may also irritate the skin. Do not plant Daphne shrubs if you have children or pets that live or frequent your garden. Second, daphnes are not the easiest of shrubs.

Rebecca Daphne du Maurier First published in Great Britain 1938 Chapter one Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again. It seemed to me I stood by the iron gate leading to the drive, and for a while I could not enter, for the way was barred to me. There was a padlock and chain upon the gate. I called in my dream to the lodge-keeper, and had. She noted that the best start gardeners can give Daphne odora is to choose a site that has partial shade and plant them in a slightly elevated mound in well-draining soil. After that, she advised. Daphne odora is a charming winter flowering gem that is native to China, Japan and Korea. Often noticed for its beautiful fragrance before it is even seen, this stunning evergreen shrub produces fleshy clusters of aromatic pink tubular flowers, each with four spreading lobes that begin to flourish from December through to March. Daphne Daphne spp. is a genus containing a number of appealing garden plants, known for their attractive leaves and fragrant blooms. The group contains both deciduous and evergreen types, and. Typically available from winter to summer. Call store for exact availability. An abundance of perfumed, pink flower clusters bloom mid-winter through spring. Evergreen shrub features yellow edged, dark green, variegated leaves. Makes for an excellent container or accent plant. Plant.

Winter daphne is native to China and has been described in that culture's literature and pharmacopoeia for a thousand years. It was also depicted on a Japanese scroll in 1309. the plant was named by Thunberg who first saw it in 18th century Japan and described it in his work, Flora Japonica. Foreword: " Daphne odora is a compact, broad leaf evergreen shrub that offers early color and fragrance not available from any other plant. It is a great addition to the shade garden in zones 7-9 and can be used in the shrub border or planted singly or in small groupings. I must have had it for about 15 years. It had spread out rather large. You can take cuttings from them easily enough - But I'm sorry to say I never did.:o Will have to buy another! Plant me now. January 1 February 1 October 1 November 1 Plant Seasons. Shrubs semi 1 Shrubs 1 Hardy. Semi 1 Yes 6 Leaf colour. Green 6 Variegated 1 Position. Front of border 4 Middle of border 4 Next to an entrance 6 Daphne odora 'Aureomarginata' £29.99 Buy within 2 weeks Daphne bholua 'Jacqueline Postill' £24.99 Buy in stock online Daphne 'Perfume Princess' PBR.

Daphnes - capricious creatures with charisma. Daphnes need a tender touch and they are rarely, if ever, pruned. They also have an annoying habit of suddenly fading away in full glory, yet they are still worth growing, for the heady scent of their flowers are completely intoxicating. Rebecca is a Gothic novel by English author Dame Daphne du Maurier.A best-seller, Rebecca sold 2.8 million copies between its publication in 1938 and 1965, and the book has never gone out of print.

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